Cubis Work Wear - high quality work wear at an unbeatable prices

Cubis Workwear

A Family Owned Business

We would like to introduce our company CUBIS WORKWEAR, work wear /safety, outdoor clothing,
gloves, uniforms,and other protective products.

Our company offers high quality work wear at a fraction of our competitors.
We have something for everyone, we are able to match your needs and also to add a personal touch with our logo printing and professional embroidery on each garment. Our goal is to provide our customers with a wide range,
professional approach and especially to bring quality goods at unbeatable prices to the market. We have excellent staff who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company.

CUBIS WORKWEAR is a distributor of personal protective equipment,
ensuring security and health protection during work.
In our assortment you can find working clothes, working footwear, gloves, high visible garments, reflective accessories and other personal protective products developed for professionals
working within the service industry.There is more to Cubis Workwear than smart and practical workwear. Our workwear feature special functions specially designed for different trades. Whether you’re a Construction Worker, Landscaper, Mechanic or Carpenter, you need workwear and safety footwear that fits well, provides reliable protection and won’t fall apart after a few weeksd on the job.

We are proud to offer an extensive range of work clothes that keeps you safe
whilst ensuring you look good. This modern, comprehensive range of clothing ensures you the maximum comfort,easy maintenance and the modern fit.

Our Little Shop in Navan

Behind the scenes of Cubis Workwear


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And this is how it looks now



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