Embroidered Custom Workwear With Your Logo- The Best Way To Promote Your Business


Color is the first cue to be registered in the brain, even before images or texts.

Brand recognition increases by as much as 80 percent with the right color palette.

85 percent of initial impressions for the business goes  through the brand colors.


In order to capitalise on the power of color marketing experts agree that for maximum benefit, branding colors should be displayed at every customer touch point.


And the more personal the touch point, the more important the color choice can be. This is why the colors used for employee uniforms can play such a significant role in a business’ success.


Customers often subliminally take such ‘uniform’ messaging more seriously because it’s being worn by a real person, someone who embodies the brand and makes the brand more tangible to them.”


So the question is- is your business making the best use of company brand and uniform colors?

While it is not a standard that uniforms should be done in the same color as the brand, having common colors for employees’ work clothes leave a strong impact in branding. Having strong impressions from visual cues such as uniforms is a distinct advantage for your business.

There are other considerations why it is significant for uniforms to be associated with the colors of your branding:

Create an attractive business image.  Selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately establish a professional business image that attracts and helps retain customers.

Promote your company or brand. When employees wear uniforms displaying corporate logos and colors, they help brand and differentiate their business in the markets they serve.

Promote company pride. Work uniforms help instill a sense of pride and responsibility and can convert employees into “brand ambassadors” outside the actual workplace.

Free advertising. Well designed work uniforms worn in public become “walking billboards,” promoting a company’s products and services “for free.”

Protect workers.Improve security. Company uniforms featuring specific styles or colors quickly identify who does or does not belong in specific work areas or on job sites.

Foster team spirit. Work uniforms promote a sense of team spirit and a sense of belonging. This, in turn, can improve worker productivity.

Improve customer relationships. Work uniforms immediately identify company representatives who can be approached for purchasing information, thereby improving overall customer service..










Is your business making the best use of company brand and uniform colors?

  • White: pure, clean (worn by doctors and nurses to imply sterility)
  • Black: power, authority (helps project knowledgeable expertise)
  • Green: calming, growth and fertility (favored by landscapers/garden centers)
  • Purple: royal, dignified (helps suggest “premium” products and services)
  • Orange: warm, vibrant (used to create a playful business environment)
  • Silver: prestige, scientific (often the choice of high-tech companies)
  • Red: excitement, confidence
  • Blue: Trust, belonging (the most popular color used in all businesses)
  • Yellow: Warmth, happiness (used to promote a general sense of well-being)
  • Gold: Elite, prestige (fosters a sense of the very best)

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