Energetik Fire-Resistant Set

151.80 + VAT

  • Men’s Antistatistic Fire-Resistant Suit
  • Permanent Fire-Resistant finish PROBAN
  • PROBAN- Chemical treatment PROBAN is applied to cloth by soaking which provides fire-resistant properties. Fabrics are warranted even after more than 50 washes. Once the substance reaches its flash point, the intense heat activates the chemical which emits gas to extinguish flame.
  • Jacket with Covered fastening
  • Trousers to Waist
  • Material ; Twill 75% Cotton 24% Polyester 1% Antistatistic Material 250g/m2
    • Twill (type of binding)- Fabric with a twill structure is characterized by ribs (diagonal units effect) on top of the fabric, underside is different. Binding of twill type is resistant to wear and to tensile strength, binding is looser, warmer, softer and more flexible during manufacturing than cloth, suitable for printing and embroidery. Goods are manufactured from high quality combed or brushed cotton or blended with polyester
    • Antistatistic – has features of conductors and insulators at the same time. Often required industrial environments, represents a good compromise where there is a possibility of sparks development from electrostatic charge and at the same time the risk of fatal electric shock accidents. It is mainly used in environments with high danger of explotion such as chemical plants, refineries, arms plants and mines. Also often used for protecting materials sensitive to electrical discharges, such as a plants for the production of electronic components, semiconductor assembly. Also used in factories with controlled climate, as in paint workshops at car manufacturers, where the objective is prevent the creation of particles that could settle in car body paint.
  • Colour; Blue
  • Norms; EN 340, EN ISO 11612/A1 B1 C1 E1 F1, EN 1149-5