Local Tradesman-Lack of Customer Service? Here’s How To Fix It

Local Tradesman-Lack of Customer Service? Here’s How To Fix It

Customers value Good Service more than Fast service. ‘’15 minutes in paradise is better than 5 minutes in Hell’’


Ever wondered why the customer didn’t come back even tho you did your job to the highest standard possible? The answer is in the details. While there are other tradesman ,probably just as good as you are, the difference should be in your shop, your staff , your online presence and last but not least the customer service. One of the best tips for tradesmen, construction workers, and anyone in the field service industry is to know your customers. They want assurance, first and foremost. If all this will be in the place, your customers will happily pay a premium price and come back and won’t look for any cheaper option.

Customer reviews and recommendations are the backbone of success for every tradesman, and what people say about your business can seriously make or break it.

What do Customers Really Want in a Local Tradesman?Trusted tradesman and great customer service
Astonishingly, customers’ needs are very simple.  When a pipe bursts, when they lose power or if they need to get a wall fixed, their immediate needs from a Tradesman are:

  • To know the work will be done well
  • Know they can trust them (and like them)
  • To charge a fair price – not necessarily the cheapest

And equally important, they want to find this Tradesman easily and quickly.

Thank Your Clients

Don’t underestimate the power of Thank You. While the customer is usually the one doing the thanking, it’s incredibly important Tradesman and customer serviceas a business owner to thank your clients for their business. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.


Make People Your Business

Not every person you talk to will become a customer. But that doesn’t mean they lack value. Get the person excited about what you’re working on, so he/she can talk you up to your potential customer. Customers will remember you if you can remember their name. Opportunities available to you often correlate to who you know. Set up a routine to attend two or three events each month to increase network. Check your Local Enterprise Office at https://www.localenterprise.ie/ to see what Events might be available in your area.

Show them you’re a real human

Tradesman and great customer service

People are attracted to your lifestyle just as much, if not more than your work ethics and ambitions. Entrepreneurship is a grinding journey, but never let that prevent you from enjoying the experience- Show activities beyond your business.

Own Your Value 

tradesman and great customer serviceIt’s not about being someone you aren’t. Bringing out the best in yourself is the key to truly connecting. Let your personality shine -it’s a great way to humanize what you’re selling. Engaging with your customers, by answering questions or help them with a problem is an awesome way to built a great relationship with customers. Understand what they need most and help provide solutions to their problems.



Be Social

make your business visible and be social

Don’t simply rely on the chance that customers might say something nice about your business to their friends and neighbours.  Use work of mouth as a much more powerful and free marketing tool.

  • 90% of people trust peer reviews (friends and family)
  • 70% of people trust online reviews
  • 15% of people trust traditional advertising
  • Encourage all of your customers to post a review about your work.  You might decide to incentivise them to do this but my view is that if your customers are happy with your work, they’ll be more than happy to share their satisfaction.  Just make it easy for them and get them to do it just before you’ve finished so they won’t forget.
  • Change all your advertising and business cards so they shout about your reviews
  • Don’t fear negative reviews.  If you have enough positive ones, then people will spot the dodgy few and realise they’re not your norm.  Accept that no one gets it right 100% of the time, your customers will.

Manage your appearance.

Stand out from the crowd.And what would make your brand visiblebe the best way to do it other than with your own personalized logo embroidered on your workwear. This is how customers will remember you and your logo and potential customers will spot you miles away. All our workwear can be personalized with your own logo design to your own specification.

The biggest advantage of personalising your work wear with your company logo is the promotion of your business. It’s a smart way to advertise your company and it is a very effective form of advertising.

Personalise your workwear with your logo embroidered to your own specifications and your staff will be easy to spot and therefore more available to customers. People are more likely to purchase a product and service from a company they know or heard of before, and your logo visible on each garment is a very helpful step to building your company’s brand and reputation. So don’t hesitate and take your small business to the next step, get more customers and recognition.


Provide reliable quotes.

Create a thorough estimate of the work without leaving anything out. Give your customer a quote in writing that they can refer to during the job. This sets appropriate expectations and will save your bacon in situations where customers remember things differently.

Good Luck Building Great Relationships!


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