Embroidered Custom Workwear With Your Logo- The Best Way To Promote Your Business

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Embroidered Custom Workwear With Your Logo- The Best Way To Promote Your Business   Color is the first cue to be registered in the brain, even before images or texts. Brand recognition increases by as much as 80 percent with the right color palette. 85 percent of initial impressions for the business goes  through the […]

Local Tradesman-Lack of Customer Service? Here’s How To Fix It


Customers value Good Service more than Fast service. ‘’15 minutes in paradise is better than 5 minutes in Hell’’   Ever wondered why the customer didn’t come back even tho you did your job to the highest standard possible? The answer is in the details. While there are other tradesman ,probably just as good as […]

Hazards in the Construction Industry-Slips, Trips, & Falls And How To Prevent Them


                                                                  One of the most dangerous working conditions and also more exposed to accidents is the construction site. Daily construction workers are exposed […]

Workwear Bundles


Workwear Bundles are the best way to get what you need whilst saving money. Workwear bundles allow you to buy more than just one garment at a lowered price, so you get more for your money.Each week  we prepare special bundles for companies which comes with matching trousers, workwear jackets and safety shoes. This helps […]

EU Legislation On Safety Clothing

safety-workwear and legislations

  EN 340 on general requirements for protective clothing has now been successfully merged with ISO 13688 and was approved on 24 March 2013. This standard is intended to be used in conjunction with other more specific standards. It includes basic health and ergonomic requirements, as well as innocuousness, design and comfort. Protective Clothing – […]

Tips on how to make the most out of your tiny garden

small garden ideas by Cubis Workwear

Small garden Ideas You may not be blessed with a huge outdoor space but that’s not to say you cant be creative with what you do have. With a little design know-how even the smallest back lawn, the most petite of patios or the tiniest of balconies can become an enjoyable place in which to […]

Workwear Bundles-Professional Tradesman of The Month

workwear for landscapers

 Workwear Bundles for Landscapers                                                                                                       […]

Enjoy Your Garden Even On A Rainy Day

Bar shed in your garden

Tips On How To Enjoy Your Garden Even On a Rainy Day ‘’ No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden.’’     Whether you want to relax, entertain, or to expand your living space… Give your garden a fresh look this season. How many times did you […]

Get inspired by these amazing backyard landscape designs


Get inspired by these amazing backyard landscape designs Tips how to make the most of your garden       I think you agree with me when I say there is nothing better then come home after a hard day at work have a cup of coffee and sit in your garden to relax. This […]